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Barry "Bdog" Hancock

Thunder 1

An airshow veteran, Barry Hancock is also one of the most respected warbird pilots in the country.  He serves the Commemorative Air Force as a formation instructor, aerobatics instructor, check airman and Safety and Standards Committee member. He has flown over 7,500 hours in 32 aircraft types, with over 2,000 hours in warbirds like the L-39, TBM Avenger and P-51 Mustang. Barry is also a former professional tennis player and sports broadcaster for the Utah Jazz Radio Network.  His day job is flying for a major airline.

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Karl "Gash" Gashler

Thunder 2

Karl Gashler is a 21-year US Air Force veteran and F-16 "Viper" fighter pilot. A decorated combat pilot flying "Wild Weasel" missions, Karl has earned several Top Gun air-to-air combat and surface attack awards from fighter units around the world. He has flown every US version of the F-16 and two types of the fighter flown by foreign allies. Karl is also an avid experimental aircraft builder and volunteer pilot for the Flying Samaritans. When not amazing crowds at airshows, he competes in aerobatic contests and is a major airline captain. Karl has flown over 16,000 hours in 40 aircraft types.

Pilots: Bio
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